November 18, 2013

The Music Pusher show episode 84: Interview with F.A.B artist Swerve

B. started in early 2009, only consisting of two members Yung Swerve and K.I.D. Flem. Two young artists trying to understand the rap game and how to succeed as artists. With songs like Roll with me and Solar Power, these artist were just in the beginning stages of their career. In about late 2012 Yung Swerve, who later became Swerve LGz, hit all woman fan base with Mini Repetition. A song about a man’s way to show he loves his girl. Mini Repetition was Swerve’s first Video which helped push his success farther. K.I.D Flem also started to get his fan up and going with Stack Paper. Now in Late 2013, there are now 5 members. Consisting of Tavaya Monaey, First Model of F.A.B. SpacedOut Burgh, producer. Swerve LGz and K.I.D. Flem as hip-hop artists. And Drea as assistant manager. Together on a mission to succeed. With mixtape Blackboard East dropping in early December and Tavaya getting accepted for just about every photo and videoshoot, only a matter of time before they achieve all success.

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