September 12, 2014

Jaye Cane – Ridin – Official Video

Jaye Cane (born July 09) is an American actor,rapper, and song writer . Jaye Cane was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and rose above some of the most extreme circumstances ever to become a lyricist and entertainer . After losing his mother , having a father on crack, being raised in foster homes, and being homeless Jaye has proven adversity can ultimately lead to success. Jaye’s harsh life has been the driving force for inspiration and is what compels him to write and record. “My life and my journey is what makes me special” , Jaye Cane states . Having the ability to connect from a place of truth and reality makes audiences appreciate his music and allows them to relate to him on a personal level.  ” I take the world’s pain in and give them back a cure with my words” it is his ultimate desire as an artist not only to entertain but too inspire. Jaye sights Tupac, Ludacris , Rico Love, Jay-Z and Eminem as the artist he is most similar too. Hip hop is just one of the many genres he has worked with but he is also  known for  collaborating and writing songs for pop and R&B artists. Jaye Cane currently resides in Atlanta,GA where he is currently preparing for the forthcoming release of his EP Super Human.
Here’s some of Jaye Cane’s music and video below! Enjoy!

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