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Bubble Shake Magazine originated in Charlotte, North Carolina. It is an urban hip-hop fashion magazine presented by Music Pusher Entertainment which features the hottest known and upcoming models in the industry. Bubble Shake Magazine gives the public an up close and personal look into the lives of models. It informs the public on how the entertainment industry affects the lives of models. Our magazine is trying to build a driving force in the urban, runway and hair modeling industry; as well as the music world.   We have been promoting all over the Internet and with other magazines. We provide stories and interviews on the known and forthcoming models as well as mainstream local artists and musicians in the industry trying to make their mark on the planet. We do stories about hair; nails, photography and modeling. We also provide fascinating stories and information about cars, model castings and music.  A new issue of Bubble Shake Magazine is available every 2 months until further notice.

Bubble Shake Magazine has over 500,000 website views and has played over 5000 different artists on the Bubble Shake Radio Show; which has over 40,000 listeners.  

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Over 100,000 friends all over the web and over 500,000 views Over 500 interviews with over 1000 subscribers. The statistics get greater every day! Bubble Shake Magazine has networked and interviewed with artists, models and companies in New York, California, Atlanta, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alaska, Maryland, Philadelphia, Canada, United Kingdom, Tennessee, Denver, Virginia, Texas, Boston, Michigan, New Jersey,Minneapolis and Germany. All of the networking and contacts available through Bubble Shake Magazine will benefit your company by providing great promotion and advertising to the targeted market-the urban and underground hip-hop audience.




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